Sonntag, 3. November 2013

I miss you!

I miss your adorable blue eyes.
I miss your cheeky grin.
I miss your unique scent.
I miss your mischievous gaze trying to convice me to stay with you and not to leave a club at 5 o'clock in the morning.
 I miss the sparkles in your eyes.
I miss your cute SMS every morning calling me your little miss.
I miss you wishing me nice dreams every night.
I miss you hugging me.
I miss you warming me when it's cold outside.
I miss you giving me your jacket when I'm freezing.
I miss your chest to lean on.
I miss you teasing me because you're so tall against me.
I miss you telling me you need me, you miss me and you want to see me.
I miss the feeling of your hands in mine.
I miss us laughing together about the stupidest things in the world.
I miss the smile on my face noticing that I've received a message from you.
I miss you playing with my hair.
I miss messing up your hair.
I miss you kissing me.
I miss the feeling of your lips on my forehead.
I miss you to protect me .
I miss you to be always there for me.

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